Turkish Kitchen serves actual, genuine Turkish food, instead of that usual blend of vaguely Mediterranean dishes at most so-called Turkish joints, says Agent 510. It’s very similar in cuisine to Turkish reference restaurant A La Turca—in fact, some Chowhounds think they’ve spotted a cook who used to work at A La Turca.

Adana kebap sandwich is spiced lamb kebab: “the seasonings on this one were bright and strong, and it tasted wonderfully of being grilled over an open flame,” says twocents. You can get it in an unusually tasty lavash—it’s about as crispy as lavash can get, while still being rollable.

Lahmacun is on an even crispier lavash, spread with lamb and tomato paste; it’s very tasty. And pide (listed on the menu as “baked pie”) is great: ground chicken, rolled in lavash, with tomato and yogurt sauce.

And there are manti—lamb dumplings—about the size of a thumbnail. They’re wrapped in thick, handmade pasta, and are satisfyingly chewy, with bits of seasoned lamb inside, and yogurt and chile sauce. “I loved the texture of the dumplings and will be back for this dish alone,” says daveena.

Turkish Kitchen [East Bay]
1986 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley

Board Link: Turkish Kitchen, Berkeley

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