Newly opened Sushi Aka Tombo is a gift to its neighborhood. “I am not sure I can find better sushi in San Francisco,” says CarrieWas218 after two very different visits. Whether diners eat solo at the sushi bar on a busy night or stop in at a quieter time and get lots of attention from the chef, both fish and service are topnotch.

The beautiful $30 sashimi platter has to be the best deal in the city, Carrie says, with 10 kinds of seafood, including tender baby octopus, maguro, toro, nori-wrapped uni, scallop, yellowtail, amberjack, red snapper, and sweet shrimp. You also get warm, rich chawan mushi, a brothy egg custard with shreds of shrimp and tiny cubes of carrots, as well as a clear dashi broth with nori and mushrooms.

When ordered à la carte, the uni (“astonishingly fresh”) comes bedecked with 24-karat gold leaf and the sweet shrimp is decorated with tobiko. The shrimp heads are fried and served separately.

One of Chef Yoji’s more creative flourishes is a lettuce roll-up with mackerel, nori, jalapeño, garlic, and sesame. “The saltiness of the fish complemented the fresh, spicy chile and clean, crisp lettuce leaf,” Carrie says.

Sushi Aka Tombo [Japantown]
1737 Buchanan Street, San Francisco

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