Santa Monica Seafood just opened a casual café, where Westsiders can grab a fresh-from-the-sea meal for less than $10.

It’s in a former Carl’s Jr. and retains some of the feel of a fast-food joint—you order at the counter—and there’s a rather pervasive odor of fried fish. But hang in there; this is no Long John Silver’s.

Spicy tuna burger seems to be the best bet so far, with a nice slab of tuna, thickly sliced tomato, a toasty warm bun, and a sauce with a nice kick, says buttermarblepopcorn.

Fried calamari is the breaded and seasoned sort, but done well and not greasy. Clam chowder (just $2 with a sandwich) is chock-full of clams, with an extra-thick consistency.

The tuna melt is pretty weak, notes Xericx. It’s basically garlic bread sandwiching tuna salad, with some cheddar.

Also on the menu: grilled fish, fish tacos, a few sandwiches, and more appetizers.

10th Street Café [Westside–Beaches]
1000 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica

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