Li hing powder, made from powdered, dried sour plum and salt, is a sort of palate-enlivening fairy dust for all kinds of food. digkv likes it sprinkled on fruit or even Sour Patch Kids. HLing likes it on fresh tomatoes—it’s a very sweet and intense taste, much different from your ordinary tomato experience. It’s also great over rice, along with some ground nuts and coarse salt. “The most practical use for this is when you’ve either over eaten, or don’t have an appetite, or have had too much greasy food,” says HLing.

Find it in an Asian or Hawaiian grocery store—it’s likely to be next to all the preserved fruit snacks, says smalt. HLing particularly likes the plum powder called Natural Way, made by a Taiwanese company. It specializes in healthy, natural, organic stuff, and the only ingredients in its plum powder are plums and salt.

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