Pizza. It’s known to cause violence, rowdiness, and littering. At least it apparently does on the crazy streets of North Beach, a neighborhood in San Francisco known for its strip clubs, party buses, and boisterous late-night behavior (and for its fine Italian food, but that’s another story). “When glassy-eyed revelers emerge from clubs on the North Beach strip at 2 a.m., fights and drunkenness sometimes take over the street, according to city officials,” writes San Francisco’s Examiner.

Where do said glassy-eyed revelers head? To North Beach’s Broadway Express Pizza and its neighbor Cable Car Pizza. “We get busy between 12 and 3 in the morning,” Cable Car owner Saied Amin told the Examiner. “That’s when we make money.”

Sometimes the 2 a.m. crowd at Cable Car reaches “30, 40 or more people,” according to police captain James Dudley. The solution? Ban the late-night pizza. “Closing the parlors at 2 a.m. or earlier could curb violence and public drunkenness and reduce litter from pizza boxes and plates,” Dudley told city commissioners.

Surely this will save San Francisco, says Eater SF sarcastically. It may, however, spell doom for the establishments that depend on the midnight madness to remain in the black.

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