Mondays at Cafe Yulong bring “Monday”—weird, no?—a pop-up lunch operation run by the son of the house. The concept is something like fast-food Japanese sandwiches with flair, and eatzalot, who went on the first day, describes it as “interesting and delicious.”

The initial menu featured sandwiches of fried cutlets—chicken, tonkatsu (pork cutlet), and ebikatsu (shrimp patty) for $7-$8. All come on an Acme torpedo roll that’s layered with vegetable salad and aioli. On the side: a “varied, unusual, and also delicious” selection of pickled vegetables.

There are also a couple of sides: Spicy “popcorn” cauliflower is a hit, and bistro-style French fries are pretty good.

There’s minimal service for Monday—utensils and beverages (soft drinks on ice) are self-serve. Cash only.

Cafe Yulong [Peninsula]
743 W. Dana Street, Mountain View

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