Kefir is a sort of thick-textured fermented milk drink not unlike yogurt. Once available only in hippie health food co-ops, it’s now mainstream enough to be available at Trader Joe’s. The Trader Joe’s stuff is good as a standby. It’s organic, it comes in two flavors, and it’s widely available. But see if you can find Nancy’s kefir, says GinaJ—it’s excellent. It’s available at Whole Foods. Organic and low-fat, it comes in exciting flavors like blackberry and peach. It’s very creamy, not too sweet, and deliciously fruity.

ekammin notes that, in Toronto at least, Western Creamery sells kefir, in addition to other ethnic milk specialties. It’s available in many supermarkets, especially in Jewish, Russian, or Eastern European areas.

One last kefir tip: If you happen to live in an area with a decent-size Scandinavian population, especially Swedish, try asking around for filmjolk (pronounced feel-myulk), which is pretty much the same thing as kefir, says tuqueboy.

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