We are in the midst of what will be known later as the 2007 Flood of Reusable Market Bags. And it’s a good thing, since only about 1 percent of plastic bags get recycled. Grocery stores have had reusable bags for a while, but companies like Flip & Tumble and Green Bag are basing their entire business on selling them. Of all the options out there, my pick is Baggu. It folds into a tiny case that fits in your pocket when not in use. It’s extremely light (2 ounces), and strong too: One Baggu holds about three times as much weight as its plastic counterparts. After field testing, lugging groceries up a hill, I’m happy to report that the handle is comfortable over your shoulder, resting on your arm, as well as in your hand. Plus, the seven pretty colors it’s available in don’t hurt.

Baggu, $8 for a single bag, $22 for a three-pack, $38 for a six-pack

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