Many perfumes mimic the scent of foods, but they tend to be fruity. Christopher Brosius, who calls his company CB I Hate Perfume, has made the connection a little more, well, robust. Brosius’s “food series” includes perfumes that smell like roast beef, bruschetta, pesto, boiled rice, a California roll, cucumber sandwiches, French bread, and tortilla chips.

New York Magazine asked Brosius the obvious question: Do people actually wear the roast beef fragrance? Brosius’s answer:

A lot of them are unwearable. Most of the time the people who buy them buy them as a modern smelling salt. If they’re feeling run down or out of sorts, they’ll smell the bottle and feel better.

Some scents proved unworkable. French fries didn’t work out because, says Brosius, “Who really wants to smell like they’ve been working in a diner all day?” Bacon, sadly, has been elusive. And cheese perfume, says Brosius, tends to smell “completely and totally revolting.”

The British Stilton Cheesemakers’ Association may have something to say about that last point: It commissioned a Stilton cheese perfume back in 2006. No word on how well it’s selling.

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