Pinot Grigio is arguably one of the most popular Italian whites in the United States. It’s usually got a nice bright flavor with peach notes, and who wouldn’t like that? But, as with all things, sameness can lead to boringness. So I was delighted to see Pinot Grigio mixed with some Verduzzo in a bottle of Masi Masianco Bianco. Verduzzo is a relatively little-known grape from the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of Italy noted for its floral and honey characteristics, but Masi Agricola, best known for its awesome Amarone, puts the grape front and center in this blend. The result is a wine that’s lush and rich yet bright and refreshing. My simple roast chicken was all the tastier for it.

Masi Masianco Bianco, $14.99

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