Some of us peel a few grapes for our Halloween parties and call it themed dining.

And then there are folks like the mastermind behind the I Make Projects blog. He’s not satisfied with a bowl of cold spaghetti to simulate worms. Last year he threw a cannibal-themed Halloween supper party, complete with “Peppered People Pate,” “Brain on a Plate,” and “Roasted Long Pig” (barbecued beef, garlic sausage, and Chinese barbecue pork served inside a life-size model skeleton).

This year, he has an even grosser idea up his sleeve (if that’s possible). Awful Edible Fleshworms are plate-size morsels of pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon (mmm, bacon; ugh, fleshworms) and shaped more than vaguely like larva. He even carves a mouth in one end and embeds scary-sharp-looking teeth made from bits of uncooked spaghetti.

Martha Stewart would be proud.

By the way, for a more traditional approach to Halloween treats, you could try your hand at making your own candy bars.

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