Not much has changed at Spirito’s since it opened in 1933. Ask for butter with your bread and you might hear what geg5150 heard. “Ain’t got it. Never had it. Not in 75 years,” a crusty waitress barked—though we think she smiled as she said it. Want to pay with plastic? How about a cup of coffee? “No butter, no credit and no coffee. Not in 75 years.”

Another thing that hasn’t changed at Spirito’s is what comes out of the kitchen: satisfying red-sauce Italian in staggering portions, highlighted by killer ravioli in simple, sweet tomato sauce. “My plate had fluffy pillows of ricotta cheese as big as my palm,” geg5150 marvels. “Huge, fluffy, delicate ravioli.” Chicken parmigiana also hits the mark: three big breast pieces, pounded thin and swaddled in sauce and cheese. (Ravenous? Get it “wit ravs”—that is, with ravioli.)

geg5150 sums up the experience: “Loved it. The atmosphere, the food, the attitude. It’s all there and it’s all Jersey.”

Spirito’s [Union County]
714 Third Avenue (near S. Seventh Street), Elizabeth, NJ

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Spirito’s —Elizabeth

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