Of course homemade salsa is going to be better than bottled or canned, especially if you’re looking to serve the chunky pico de gallo kind. Chop up some tomatoes, white onions, and chiles, and there you have it. But for those of us who can’t be bothered to perform the most rudimentary culinary tasks, there are a few bottled salsas that aren’t totally inedible.

Salsa Casera by Herdez is a favorite among Chowhounds. Its flavor profile is closest to the table salsas found in Tex-Mex restaurants in Texas, says aelph. It’s juicy, salty, and spicy, with tomato flavor that doesn’t in any way resemble ketchup. It stops just short of being pico de gallo.

Many Chowhounds like Green Mountain Gringo salsa, full of different types of chiles and herbs plus apple cider vinegar and sea salt. The medium is plenty hot for Gio. Also try the roasted garlic flavor.

Costco Garden Fresh salsa in the big plastic jug is very fresh-tasting, says coney with everything. It comes in five-gallon buckets to satisfy your more extensive salsa requirements.

Trader Joe’s makes some salsas that are not too bad. The Habanero and Lime salsa in a jar is really good, says mojoeater. Densible likes the Salsa Especial in the cold case, a finely chopped mix of tomato, chiles, cilantro, and lime juice.

MeffaBabe likes Newman’s Own pineapple salsa. And embee likes Neal Brothers organic salsa, which comes in different flavors that range from decent to excellent.

Really, though. How hard is it to chop a tomato?

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