Marisa McClellan from Slashfood recently attended a wedding where fake chicken (complete with wooden skewer “bones”) and seitan spareribs were served as the main course. While she appreciated the newlyweds’ ecofriendly mind-set, she wasn’t totally sold on their menu choices:

I’m impressed with the creativity that people possess that leads them to conjure up workable meat substitutes. However, I think that I’d prefer to have a meat-free meal than one where the main dish was one built on fake meat. How do the rest of you feel? Fake meat or no meat at all?

Several commenters said that they veer away from faux meat, but many vegetarians and omnivores alike shared enthusiastic recommendations of their favorite fake-meat products—such as Morningstar Farms ground-beef-like Crumbles, Soyrizo veggie chorizo, and Field Roast “grain meat” sausages.

My own favorite fake-meat product is Gardenburger’s BBQ Riblets (I wouldn’t make veggie chili without them), but I certainly wouldn’t serve them at a formal event. Has anyone been to a vegetarian wedding where the menu was a bit more elegant and interesting?

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