McDonald’s in Canada has launched a line of food tied in to the Vancouver Olympics. One of the new menu items is the Parmagiana Chicken Snack Wrap, described by the company as “real peddled parmesan cheese and savoury marinara sauce, all wrapped with seasoned crispy or grilled chicken in a flour tortilla.”

“Apart from the fact that the whole concept is nonsensical (psuedo-Italian ingredients wrapped up in a … tortilla? whatever), has anyone come across the term ‘peddled’ before in relation to parmesan?” asks dxs. “I can’t find references to it anywhere.”

“It is totally made up,” says kayehm. “No such thing as peddled parmesan. McD’s can not afford to put real parmesan in their food—so they made up something to make the fake (avec filler) parmesan sound more impressive.”

“Perhaps Mr. Ronald McDonald purchased the aforementioned formaggio from a wizened old Italian peddler man,” speculates adamshoe, while Sam Fujisaka says it’s just “a polite way to say ‘pimped’ parmesan.”

Discuss: Anyone heard of ‘peddled parmesan cheese’??

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