Clementines are sweet, sunny, cheerful little balls of summer that can add interest to the produce-limited dishes of winter. tcamp makes clementine salsa, and Caitlin McGrath mentions the popular clementine cake.

rovingfoodie likes them in a quick, refreshing fruit salad, along with grapefruit. To prepare them, cut off the tops, bottoms, and peels with a paring knife and slice in rounds or half moons, says rovingfoodie. Niki in Dayton makes a sweeter version of clementine salad that’s also suitable as a dessert by adding “toasted coconut, toasted almonds, and a bit of orange liquor.”

“For our appetizer salad on Christmas I made a salad with arugula, shaved fennel, and clementines,” says foodsnob14. “I made the dressing with shallots, lemon juice, clementine juice, and a touch of olive oil. I also seared some shrimp and topped the salad with those, very refreshing and quite yummy!”

Clementines can also infuse their juices into warm, baked winter treats. “Once peeled and thinly sliced we decorate the tops of tea bread, muffins, and pound cakes with clementines just before baking and they add a wonderful texture, fragrance, and taste to each,” says HillJ.

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