Melanie Wong overheard one of the staff at the Dog House say that their chili was imported from Chicago, and tasted best on a skinless Vienna Beef hot dog. So, good hound that she is, she abandoned all previous dog inclinations and went for it: a Vienna dog ($5), generously topped with chili ($2.50)—which comes with all the fries you can eat.

The chili has a pleasant meatiness, moderate spice, and a distinct tang. It’s excellent dog chili, with a good body, and is well tuned to the spicing of the hot dog.

French fries are sometimes limp. If you get lucky, the batch of fries will cool off and the staff will refry them for you, for extracrunchy, extragreasy fry goodness.

The Dog House [Sonoma County]
537 Highway 1, Bodega Bay

Board Link: Chicago Chili Dog @ The Dog House

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