What happens when a San Francisco foodie moves away? She leaves her heart—and her favorite burrito joint—behind. This is not something to take lightly, as the blogger responsible for Passionate Eater explains: “One thing I will miss profoundly when I leave San Francisco, is ‘the San Francisco taqueria.’”

But nailing down what’s the quintessential San Francisco taqueria is not a simple matter.

Everyone has their opinion on what they believe is the best taqueria in San Francisco. One of my close friends says she will live and die eating at only Gordo’s Taqueria. On the other hand, three of my other male friends swear by El Farolito Taqueria. The beau likes La Taqueria. Personally, I am a devoted groupie of Pancho Villa Taqueria … with one bite of a burrito from Pancho Villa, you will experience euphoria and be transported [to] the celestial throne above.

[Editor’s note: None of these comes close to my favorite.]

Why such confusion over which is “the best” taqueria?

Despite one’s personal taqueria preferences, I believe that almost every taqueria in the Mission District of San Francisco has something unique to offer, be it juicy chunks of immaculately seasoned, char-grilled carne asada; authentic slow-cooked pinto beans; hand-pulled tendrils of pork shoulder, or even a motley mariachi band—every taqueria has a distinctive specialty to draw repeat customers.

Char-grilled carne asada, slow-cooked pinto beans, hand-pulled pork shoulder? Enough, I say! If you even mention salsa I am jumping on a plane right now. One two-hour flight and I could be biting into a San Francisco burrito by dinnertime.

SF, I do love you—and your burritos, too.

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