Have you noticed the smiling bare bottoms popping up on food blogs lately? They’re part of an ad campaign by Toto, the Japanese maker of deluxe toilets (think heated seats, built-in bidets, and warm air dryers) and feature a bare butt with a smiley face on it. For an audience more interested in food porn than the other kind, it seems an odd fit.

Perhaps the good folks at Toto think that foodies might have a greater need to use toilets. Or perhaps it is the fussy epicurean market they are after—if people are willing to cure their own olives and distill their own vinegar, then certainly they would want a toilet that is a cut above.

I’m not the only one feeling funny about the smiling bums. A New York City church went to court to prevent the bare-bottom advertising—let’s call it ass-vertising—from being posted on its building. The judge sided with the church and Toto agreed to put on a wide white strip to cover up any offending areas.

Hey, would you mind doing that on my computer as well? If you do, I promise to refrain from making any comments about your ass-inine ad campaign.

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