Maybe I just have a case of schadenfreude because Ruth Reichl is the editor of Gourmet and the author of some of the most well-regarded food memoirs since Alice, Let’s Eat, but Reichl’s Gourmet Weekly email newsletter (free, but available by subscription only) today seemed a little too faux-naïf.

In it, she confesses that although she’s never made jam before, she has just finished her first-ever batch of peach jam. Freezer peach jam.

I have always loved the idea of making jam from fresh summer fruit, but canning has always seemed like too much work. The new Ball freezer method has changed all that. All I had to do was stir sugar and no-cook pectin into crushed fruit for a few minutes, ladle the mixture into plastic jars, twist the lids closed, and allow the jars to stand for half an hour.

Hmm, a new method? The Google shows that freezer jam has been around for a decade and a half.

Maybe Reichl had been wanting to make freezer jam for years but the title of this blog post lit the proverbial fire under her ass.

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