Darren McGrady, a.k.a. The Royal Chef, dishes the juicy details on the royal family’s appetites in his new book, Eating Royally: Recipes & Remembrances from a Palace Kitchen. McGrady cooked for the queen for over a decade, but he moved on with Princess Di after she separated from Prince Charles in 1996.

According to the Toronto Star, the book includes some royal recipes as well as some interesting tidbits about the royal family’s eating habits:

Diana’s favourites included stuffed eggplant and chilled tomato mousse. McGrady often made two versions of dishes – a rich, fatty, traditional recipe for guests and an identical-looking but low-fat version served to the Princess.

He also notes that Prince William and Prince Harry preferred McDonald’s Happy Meals to his homemade hamburgers—but he forgives them for their misguided taste buds. Nowadays, McGrady is giving the royal treatment to an unnamed family in Dallas, Texas—but the Star thinks his anonymous employer might be “billionaire and presidential pal Charles Wyly Jr., [who is] thanked in the book’s preface.”

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