If you don’t feel like playing bartender and mixing drinks all night, a tasty wine punch is a festive way of satisfying a crowd. cackalackie recommends Spiced Cranberry Sangría for a festive and pretty presentation. “It contains wine, Cointreau and port—and very little cranberry juice. I added much more juice,” says cackalackie. “It contains two cups of cranberries and a couple of diced apples that have been soaked in the spiced simple syrup—and more Cointreau and port.”

Other ways to “Christmas” up your sangría? “Roast a few orange halves (or grill in a hot cast iron pan or skillet just to caramelize, can be made a day in advance), stud them with cloves, and it’s a nice addition,” says bushwickgirl. “Roasted apples work as well. Float some brandy on the top to liven everything up.”

CDouglas suggests champagne punch: “Make the base in advance and add the bubbly stuff right before serving.”

“I have done the red sangría thing at several parties and have found almost nobody that doesn’t like it,” says cycloneillini. “Mine is less sweet than what you get in most restaurants, and I have found that red and white wine drinkers and beer drinkers all like it.”

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