Space Beer? No. Beer in space? No. Astronaut beer?
No. Space madness? Maybe. Beer from space? Yes. The Wired Science blog is reporting that the first beer made with yeast that has taken a rocket ride into space is now available at Kelly’s Brew Pub in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

But how does Comet’s Tail Amber Ale taste? The Internet won’t tell me. But the Brookston Beer Bulletin has the backstory on Microgravity Enterprises, the company that put the ingredients into space, plus a few fascinating tidbits to add to the story:

[I]t also seems to be that this won’t be the ‘first true space beer’ as the company claims. I’m pretty sure that the Apollo beer that was a contract beer around a decade ago used yeast that had been in space, too. It was in a distinctive blue bottle and they made an ale and a lager which was sold in six-packs.

Space beer, huh? Talk about your Terminal Gravity.

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