Daisy Brand sour cream is a favorite among Chowhounds, both for its excellent flavor and for its refreshingly short list of ingredients (sour cream, period). Even the light variety is good. Hounds also like Breakstone’s, which MarkG finds worthy to be eaten straight out of the container.

Several hounds like Western sour cream, made in Toronto. embee thinks it’s the best sour cream available anywhere. Western is also lauded for having no additives to interfere with its tastiness.

Chuckles the Clone likes Nancy’s sour cream, an organic variety with serious hippie cred. “When I eat it straight from the container, I like to stir in a bit of sugar and a drop or two of vanilla.”

swsidejim prefers crema fresca–style sour cream, and buys El Mexicano Crema Mexicana to go with Mexican food. And jinet12 likes Daisy and Breakstone’s, but buys Horizon Organic these days. It’s very tasty.

Board Link: breakstone sour cream: do you know of any better??

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