When the ball dropped on January 1, we entered a new decade. Isn’t it funny to think that just 10 years ago we were eating sushi all the time, working at dot-coms, and wearing high-tech-looking shoes with wavy Space Age soles? Imagine if somebody had told us that beards, pickles, and backyard chickens would be cutting-edge, 2010 fashion. CHOW.com busted out the time capsule to investigate more of what we were eating and drinking in 1999, and how it’s changed. Take a look…

1999 2009
Sushi everywhere: Mountains of shrimp at dot-com parties, oyster and raw bars galore Fish endangered: Bluefin tuna extinct by 2012, shrimp farming now recognized as environmentally terrible, salmon fisheries closed
Atkins diet: People eating meat to lose weight Skinny bitches: Veganism as diet trick
Cell phones: Use in restaurants debated Cell phones: Ubiquitous
Smoking: Still allowed in NYC restaurants No smoking: Not anymore!
Starbucks: Killing indie coffeehouses Independent roasters: Kicking Starbucks’ ass
Asian fusion/overblown food: Ahi tuna tartare towers Italian, rustic, simple: Country grits, egg on pizza, braises, pie
Appletinis: Cocktails were froufrou and candy-colored Manhattans: Cocktails are manly, classic, made from brown spirits
Webvan: Get your groceries delivered in under half an hour! Farmers’ markets: Browse in a leisurely fashion for local lettuces
Triple-distilled vodka: High-tech and free-flowin’, mixed with Red Bull to fuel late-night programming/raving Beer: Craft ales, made by hand
Reservation-only restaurants Pop-up restaurants, street food
Expensive wine Half-off wine nights, box wine
Fine linens Hand-woven rustic napkins and recycled materials
Not many people eating organic Walmart sells organic food
Restaurant names reflect hubris: Paragon, Vertigo, Mc2 Restaurant names are humble: Dirt Candy, Farm, Flour + Water
We wanted exotic: Thai satay, imported caviar and rum, anything Asian fusion We want local: Restaurants list which farms things come from on menus, consumers want to know where their meat was raised
Eating dinner at your desk, ordered in by the boss while launching your dot-com Out of work, learning to cook and can tomatoes at home
Catered parties: With wasabi mashed potatoes in martini glasses Butchering demonstrations and home-picklin’ classes
Blogger.com launched: Food blogs start up Food blogs blamed for death of Gourmet
Eating free food at dot-com launch parties Freeganism and gleaning: Dumpster diving and stealing your neighbors’ fruit thrives in the economic downturn
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