Over at the Huffington Post, Kathy Freston has compiled a list of the most recent newsworthy happenings in vegetarianism. It’s an interesting recap whether you are a meat eater or not. Some highlights to ponder:

• An LA Times report about CT scans revealing evidence that high-status ancient Egyptian mummies had hardening of the arteries, likely from too much salt and a diet full of too much fatty meats.

• The recent publication of a study by World Bank scientists concluding that livestock is responsible for more than half of the world’s green house gas emissions, much higher than previous studies have found. (Link leads to a PDF file download.)

• The story of the Stanford biochemist Patrick O. Brown who is taking an 18-month break from work to try and convince people that for the sake of the environment we need to “eliminate animal farming on planet Earth.”

Image source: Flickr member wonderferret under Creative Commons

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