The closing of Singaporean restaurant Kopitiam in Lafayette has hounds wondering where to go for rich, chicken-y Hainan chicken and rice.

Robert Lauriston
says he’s always preferred the version at Singapore Malaysian Restaurant, where the chicken and rice may not be cooked together in the traditional way, but “the rice is really rich with chicken fat and juices.” abstractpoet likes the Hainan chicken at Cafe Salina, preferably with their excellent fried rice. For his part, david de berkeley says the HCR at ABC in Chinatown is deliciously comforting, and “the ginger-garlic sauce is pretty much spot-on to the places I’ve been to Singapore.”

And as for the Thai version, khao man gai, twocents says the one at Sa Wooei is particularly flavorful.

Singapore Malaysian Restaurant [Richmond District]
836 Clement Street, San Francisco

Cafe Salina [Peninsula]
235 Broadway, Millbrae

ABC [Chinatown]
650 Jackson Street

Sa Wooei [East Bay]
10621 San Pablo Avenue, El Cerrito

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