Jim Leff recently tasted some of the top Chowhound-recommended packaged granolas—price no object—and found some killer stuff. Made to Crave’s gluten-free Maple Pecan Granola was “toasty, and the only granola with a really long, seductive aftertaste,” says Jim Leff. “One of only two granolas with serious depth.”

Farmhand’s Choice from Early Bird Foods was “a voluptuary experience; sweet, salty, flavor-packed, and so glisteningly greasy that it almost tastes fried!”

Udi’s Hawaiian granola was a “deep, three-dimensional granola, this one with particularly beautiful balance between cereal and add-ins,” says Jim Leff. “All the latter (especially the sheets of dried coconut and terrific hit of ginger) are of exemplary quality.” And Udi’s Original variety has great texture and a “very adult, dry flavor and aroma (smells like Korean barley tea).”

Meanwhile, Jim Leff is all granola-ed out. “That’s the problem with these ambitious mass-tastings,” he says. “You learn a lot, but applying the knowledge is unthinkable for a good long while.”

Board Link: Gigunda Granola Tasting Results

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