Taste of Joy Barbecue & Southern Bistro, a barbecue joint that opened earlier this year to good reviews on the boards despite its restricted hours, has reopened in a new location, abstractpoet reports.

Everything about the new location is better: bigger and nicer digs, longer hours, and a full bar (check out the “Southern sangria”) with wine and several beers on tap. Out back, there’s a fully equipped kitchen and a more extensive staff, so the menu has grown to include things like fried chicken wings and waffles, and fried catfish. But the brisket is as good as ever, in ToJ’s own style: thinly sliced, with a sweet sauce. Only difference is it’s plated more prettily now. And the gumbo is excellent, chock-full of sausage, chicken, shrimp, and crab. Better than Angeline’s, abstractpoet says. An old favorite, Cajun meatloaf, is still on the menu. Prices are a bit higher now, but still only marginally more expensive than Nellie’s, and it’s better than that.

Speaking of barbecue, a meal at Da Pitt was “the first time in San Francisco I’d finally felt like I was in back in Memphis,” says vulber (who was disappointed by “bland overpriced barbecue and terrible sweet tea” at Memphis Minnie’s). Da Pitt is Louisiana-style ’cue, but the brisket is “delicious, tender and flavorful,” with an incredible sauce, vulber says.

Da Pitt has replaced Lilly’s (and the former Brother-in-Law’s), and apparently has a common history with both places. The menu is basic: brisket, chicken, hot links, short ribs, and pork ribs, all available in full or (very generous) half portions. The sides, unfortunately, are fairly weak: The beans taste like they came out of a can, the house-made coleslaw tastes distinctly weird, and some have specifically warned against the mac ’n’ cheese. There’s no ambience, of course, and hardly any seating although there’s a big parking lot. But the smoker is going full blast.

Taste of Joy Barbecue & Southern Bistro [East Bay]
3909 Grand Avenue, Oakland

Da Pitt [Western Addition]
705 Divisadero Street, San Francisco

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