In my world, there’s only room for one No Reservations—the Travel Channel series featuring Anthony Bourdain. Nevertheless, here comes the movie No Reservations, which features Catherine Zeta-Jones as a hot-tempered chef. The film goes into wide release today, but Zeta-Jones’s face has been all over billboards and New York City buses for weeks—and I even saw an ad for the movie during an episode of Bourdain’s TV show.

In preparation for the movie, which is based on the 2002 German film Bella Martha (a.k.a. Mostly Martha), the leading lady posed as a server at New York’s Fiamma Osteria, USA Weekend reports. When customers commented on her resemblance to Catherine Zeta-Jones, she simply said, “I hear that all the time.”

But did her prep work pay off? Well, after screening the film, Chef Patricia Yeo told the New York Daily News that she thought the movie did a pretty decent job depicting the food, but its biggest mistake was Zeta-Jones’s pristine appearance:

She was so perfect. There was no way she could have a worked a real service.

I’m looking forward to hearing reviews from more movie-goers with restaurant experience, and I really hope Tony Bourdain has something to say about it.

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