It was a series of articles about sushi that got Maki—the Japanese-born blogger who grew up partially in the United States, now lives in Switzerland, and is the force behind Just Hungry—to start musing over the state of American food fears. Her conclusion: Americans are afraid of their food.

[D]on’t we all know that many Americans are simply scared of their food? If it’s not parasites in raw fish, it’s something else—trans fats, cholesterol, fat, carbs, alcohol, ‘germs’ in general, chemical anything. I’ve been through various food scares in the past in other countries (such as near-hysteria levels over e coli on raw vegetables in Japan some years ago) but to me, when it comes to an almost constant fear of the harm that food can do to ones body Americans are really up there.

Certainly America experiences food trends like nowhere else—the idea of giving up carbs would be laughable elsewhere. Asia is not going to give up its rice, Italy its pasta, or France its bread and pastries. But these are all cultures more in tune with their traditional diets, and healthier because of it.

What do you think? Are we scared, lost, or just far too susceptible to food trends?

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