I used to go to conventions. They were enjoyable but staid events (during the day, at least). Mostly people milled around trying to talk the exhibitors out of free tote bags. Not so the New York Bar Show, subject of an informative video on Slate. Like the Fancy Food Show, the Bar Show seems to be a bacchanalia of sampling. Unlike the Fancy Food Show, the Bar Show is suffused with bursts of blaring techno worthy of Deep House Dish.

Instead of perusing the latest books or snarfing the latest fancy foods, convention-goers at the Bar Show consider the merits of (malfunctioning) Corona Blasters, light-up sake bottles, automatic toilet seat sanitizers, and last but not least, the latest thing in rimming solutions.

I guess for bar and club owners, the convention is kind of a busman’s holiday, but getting soused on sample beverages and checking out the latest in bar technology seems like it could be a nice way to while away a summer day.

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