I’ve never been to Vermont, but after reading Thy Tran’s post on Bay Area Bites describing her road trip through the state—and the delicious local treats to be had along the way—I’m just about ready to jump in the car and head to the Green Mountain State.

Faced with the uncertain future of sugar maples, eating maple creemees whenever possible is an imperative. Sugar shacks dot the countryside, and if a sign and an arrow point the way to a creemee, I am there. Soft vanilla ice cream swirled with this year’s maple syrup—what better way to celebrate summer in Vermont?

Thy also writes about another Vermont specialty: Common Crackers are a modern-day descendant of the hardtack of yore, a kind of dry biscuit that soldiers and sailors used to sustain themselves on long forays.

[D]ry and crisp Common Crackers have sustained generations of Vermonters … they’re the New England embodiment of pragmatism. Originally purchased annually by the barrel, these crackers served as breakfast when soaked in milk, lunch when nibbled with cheddar cheese, afternoon tea when spread with jam, or dinner when served with chowder.

I want a maple creemee and a slice of six-year-old cheddar on a cracker with a pedigree: Vermont, you’re looking mighty tempting this summer.

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