Three Chicago high school students have been arrested and one police officer is nursing a broken foot after a food fight that got out of hand. As the Associated Press reports, at least 200 students were involved in the melee:

‘It was just insane, said senior Zach Little, who was in the cafeteria when the melee began. ‘Things like milk cartons, full pop bottles and blue slushies were flying around. Kids literally bought the food to throw it and, to me, that’s a little expensive.’

The fight was apparently started by an 18-year-old now up on felony charges for resisting arrest. In a scenario worthy of Animal House, after the 18-year-old ran from the cops, one tripped over another student and broke his foot. That’ll teach you to muscle in on the Delta Phi’s and their fun, Officer Bitterman!

The principal of the high school in question points out that the incident can hardly be termed a prank, being neither funny nor innocuous. That principal is just asking for a horse to be snuck into his office.

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