NYC restaurant watchdog blog The Strong Buzz gives a little thumbnail sketch this week of BAMN!, a modern-day Automat stocked with Asian noshes and domestic comfort food.

For those of us born after 1950, a quick refresher course might be necessary. The Automat hovered somewhere between a vending machine and a full-on restaurant. A coin-operated machine surrogate took the place of the waitstaff, dispensing slices of pie, macaroni and cheese, rice pudding and a variety of other comfort foods for a few coins and the flip of a wrist.

BAMN! kicks this almost-completely-extinct concept squarely into the 21st century, serving up Asian buns and cakes, 100 percent beef sliders, and Musubi, which The Strong Buzz’s Andrea Strong describes as “a Hawaiian shaped seasoned cake topped with sliced beef.”

It unclear why anyone would want to eat a meat-garnished cake shaped like a Hawaiian, but BAMN! certainly sounds both exciting and difficult to pronounce.

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