There’s a new Indonesian restaurant in town, in the shadows of the Duarte Inn, where an Indonesian food fair dusts it up every Saturday. On other days, Manja Resto represents just fine, says Vegasbuff.

The lontong cap gomeh ($6.95) is a virtual smorgasbord in a bowl. There’s beef rendang, long-simmered till tender in coconut milk—it’s spicy, with a hint of sweetness. Chicken stewed in a flavorful but mild yellow curry broth is infused with flavor down to the bone; sticky rice and a hard-cooked egg rolled in spices and deep-fried round it out.

Chicken marinated in sweet soy sauce and hot chile sauce (ayam bakar kecap manis, $6.75) is sweet when it first hits your palate, then warms up a bit with subtle spice. Covered in sweet chile sauce and fried shallots, it’s not overly spicy (there’s sambal oelek on the side if you want to heat things up).

And Indonesian fried chicken (ayam goreng garing, $5.95), lightly battered, is tender and juicy underneath its crispy—not oily—crust. No spice on this one at all; condiments are at your discretion.

Service is very friendly, resembling the Olive Garden ads in this one way: When you’re here, you’re family.

Manja Resto [Inland LA]
1206 E. Huntington Drive, #A, Duarte

Indonesian Food Fair [Inland LA]
Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Duarte Inn Parking Lot
1200 E. Huntington Drive, Duarte

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