If you’ve noticed a certain yellowing in the food blog world this month, it’s for a very good reason. Barbara of winosandfoodies.com is asking fellow bloggers to participate in the A Taste of Yellow event by preparing some sort of yellow food. The cause is a good one: increasing cancer awareness around the world. Barbara will collect and post the roundup on May 16, which is the annual LIVESTRONG Day, sponsored by Lance Armstrong’s cancer advocacy organization.

Barbara’s concern and interest in cancer is a personal one, as she explains:

[C]ancer knows no boundaries. There isn’t a person in the world who hasn’t been touched by cancer in some way … a family member, a friend, work colleague, neighbour or even themselves. One of my best friends and my Dad both died of cancer in the same week. Twelve months later I was diagnosed with cancer and am still fighting the disease, hoping to be cancer free one day.

The results of the event are proving Barbara right. From around the world bloggers have been posting dishes that incorporate yellow. From Ireland there is asparagus custard; in England there’s lemon curd, and in Switzerland it’s tiramisù mousse and lemon curd verrines. Canada comes up with lemon bars and eggs and roasted asparagus on focaccia. In the United States there is chess pie, stuffed yellow peppers, gougères, and sole with yellow carrot purée. From New Zealand, citrus-coconut custards, in Australia it’s passion fruit yo-yo cookies, while an Indonesian expatriate offers up bakwan tuna fritters.

Stay tuned to winosandfoodies.com for the full roundup next week.

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