“So if you’ve got a wedding to go to this year and you just don’t want to do the registry thing again, why not make the bride and groom a wedding cake?” asks the host of the short how-to video Wedding Cake, a guide for the amateur wishing to craft a sugary nuptial treat. Sure, because what bride wouldn’t rather have a lumpy, homemade cake than glassware? And what guest wouldn’t enjoy hours in the kitchen shakily crafting the centerpiece for someone else’s Big Day? Remember, everyone at the wedding will be critically evaluating your work—no pressure, now!

In less than 11 minutes the video, hosted by the YouTube-like food video hosting site REALMEALS.tv, whips through baking and decorating such a cake, making it look practically as easy as whipping up a bowl of oatmeal. But if you’ve had much pastry experience at all, you know that a tossed-off instruction like “Now cut the cake layers in half evenly” leads to an eternity of sweaty, nervous work in the kitchen. This video makes cake decorating look waaaay easier than it really is. Bake a wedding cake if you must, but, um, you may want to have that registry info handy if it doesn’t work out.

In other cake news, someone sent around a link to a fun Russian baker who makes cakes in the shapes of ATMs, athletic shoes, and other interesting things. Now these would be good wedding cakes! How about one of the bride and groom in the back of a cop car?

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