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“In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria.” This quote is unattributed, but the lesson is universal. For imbibers, different tipples represent different energies and are, thus, consumed in different and corresponding occasions. So what then, pray tell, is the best booze for taking the edge off a global pandemic and it’s a subsequent months-long lockdown?

more from the quarHow to Nail Your Next Virtual Happy Hour or Dinner Party One thing we can say for certain is that drinking alcohol, as a concept, is booming. At last check, booze sales were up a staggering 55 percent overall, according to Nielson. Many of those sales are happening online too, through alcohol delivery sites serving cities and towns across America. These online alcohol marketplaces like Drizly, Vivino, and others have seen sharp unticks, in some cases as much as 250 percent. So we asked two of the top online alcohol sellers about the recent boom and for a deep dive to find out what’s on everyone’s quarantine bar.

Courtney Quattrini, head of global communications for Vivino, told us the popular wine rating app and wine marketplace has seen a significant increase in order volume since March 13. This includes the week of April 5 when the company saw a whopping 248 percent increase in sales from the same time last year. 

Likewise, online booze delivery startup Minibar has seen a major spike in sales since March 11 (the day the European travel ban was announced and the NBA season was officially suspended). The popular home delivery service has seen orders go up over 100 percent since then, with new buyers up 547 percent. Overall sales for Minibar are up 143 percent and the average order size is up 22 percent. In short: Yeah, we’re all drunk. 

So, what exactly is everyone drinking? Vivino and Minibar shared the most popular wine, beer, and booze being ordered from these online marketplaces during the past several weeks. We even included links to buy so you can stock up yourself. 

10 Most Popular Wines Over the Past Two Weeks

California wines have dominated online sales for Vivino with eight of the 10 most popular styles being produced in the Golden State. Oregon pinot noir and Argentinian malbec trail close behind. 

(source: Vivino)

Top-Selling Beer and Booze in the Last Month

While wine remains strong for the retailer, Minibar has seen an upward trend within the hard liquor category. Beer, on the other hand, has not been quite as popular as normal, save for one in particular. (We’ll give you one guess). Tequila has also trended down just slightly as a category during the outbreak, while whisky has been on the upswing. And, of course, White Claw. Lots and lots of White Claw.

(source: Minibar)

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Some Are Splurging in Quarantine

There are a few unique trends within certain cities too, according to Minibar data. Washington, D.C., for instance, is buying more top-shelf offerings than any other city, giving credence to the old “Washington fat cat” image. The top-selling product within the Capitol City’s wine category is Veuve Clicquot, while the top scotch is The Macallan (both pricey bottles).

Los Angelenos also seems to be enjoying an expensive whisky with their nightly coronavirus briefing. L.A.’s top-selling whisky brands these days are fine Japanese imports: Hibiki and Yamazaki.

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