Raves are pouring in from Westside fans of Mexican food for Sabor a Mexico. It’s like Abuela’s cooking. Or like the Mexican grandmother you wish you had, with a golden touch in the kitchen. These folks GET it: the true shining soul of Mexican food that is so hard to capture; when somebody does, it’s a revelation, says Dommy.

There’s something here for everyone, including a generous selection of delicious vegetarian options. Carne asada is great, and so is al pastor, flavorful and just crispy-fatty enough. It’s usually cooked on the grill except on weekends, when there’s an outdoor spit set up.

But let’s talk about the salsa bar, one of the best Dommy says she’s ever seen. The standard spicy red and spicy green are there, as well as pico de gallo. But they also have an amazing avocado salsa that’s fruity, smooth, and spicy-hot. The creamy chipotle salsa could make an old shoe taste good, and bright orange habanero salsa tempts the die-hard chileheads.

On Friday and Saturday evenings, there’s a taco table where they braise and grill all kinds of cuts. Weekends also bring $1 tacos.

Tortillas are handmade here, thick, warm, and aromatic with corn. They’re perfect in queso fundido con hongos, where the cheese is gooey, smooth, and flavorful. Huaraches also set a new standard in LA: huge things drenched in a mild, supertasty tomatillo sauce and sprinkled with cojita cheese, beans, and cilantro—the perfect combo.

A Mexico City–style quesadilla (Quesadilla de D.F.) is actually like an empanada, deep-fried but wonderfully light, full of tangy cheese and perfectly done squash blossom. Another variety has mushrooms and epazote.

This place is distinctive for being not only authentic but creative, in the spirit of a great food culture. Everything is made fresh and from scratch, even the pickled jalapeños, which are garlicky, with a hint of bay leaf, and bits of carrot and cauliflower thrown in.

Sabor a Mexico [Culver City]
8940 National Boulevard, Los Angeles

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