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Welcome to Chowhound’s Table Talk podcast, where Executive Editor Hana Asbrink chats with some of the most interesting names and newsmakers in the food space. Today: YouTube star Gaz Oakley of Avant-Garde Vegan.

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Whether you follow the lifestyle or not, veganism isn’t going anywhere soon. The noticeable uptick in interest surrounding plant-based living has driven more vegan-friendly ingredients, cookbooks, products, restaurants, and personalities to flourish in recent years. Among this influential pack is Gaz Oakley of Avant-Garde Vegan.

The London-based chef, cookbook author, and YouTube star recently visited the Chowhound offices in New York, where we discussed everything from the pivotal moment that converted him to veganism overnight more than a handful of years ago, what he would be doing if he weren’t a chef or activist, and all of the surprisingly easy-to-execute recipes in his upcoming cookbook, “Plants-Only Kitchen” (out in April).

Plus, you won’t want to snooze on Gaz’s version of Portuguese tarts (pastéis de nata), where he swaps the dairy traditionally found in the rich egg custard in a buttery crust for coconut milk, or soy or oat cream.

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