Julian McMahon may play sleuthing agent Jess LaCroix on “FBI: Most Wanted,” but does Julian boast the same snooping skills as his character? 

To find out, Julian is put to a bona fide investigative test. Five glasses filled with LaCroix sparkling water—the namesake of Julian’s character—is set out in front of him, and Julian is tasked with matching the LaCroix flavor to the correct, unmarked glass of sparkling water. And to make it even trickier, out of the five flavors, Julian only has clues for four—meaning he has to have a discerning enough palate to accurately guess the final flavor sans any visual cues. A trickier task than one might think.

To see how Julian fares, check out the video below—it’s quite possible he gained some detective talent from LaCroix himself. Then tune into “FBI: Most Wanted on CBS every Tuesday at 10/9c to see how a genuine agent puts his inquiring mind to work.

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