As the embers of the 2007 grilling season fade to black, 101cookbooks has a suggestion for sending the summer off right —a magnificently simple but surprisingly flashy recipe featuring Halloumi cheese.

The appeal: you get throw cheese directly onto a grill! And it doesn’t melt into a molten puddle. Instead, it warms up and develops
a tasty exterior crust. For reasons known only to food scientists, the obscure-but-wonderful Halloumi is one of the few cheeses that can
stand up to grill-level heat and emerge as a perfectly forged medium for, say, the mini-green bean salad/appetizer featured on 101 Cookbooks.

Also worth reading: the recipe comments section, where a debate over the national origins of Halloumi (“It’s Greek!” “It’s Cypriot!”) threatens to spark a low-intensity ethnic riot.

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