If this week’s episode of “Top Chef” clinched your impression of Marisa as uptight, humorless, and not very nice (Cf. her handling of Lycheegate and willingness to sell out a teammate to save her neck), it’s time to add another adjective to the list: sexxxy. As Blogging Top Chef discovered, the ostensibly buttoned-up cheftestant has a weirdly porny website where she hawks her bikini calendar.

It’s got to be fake, right? Well, her site links to her Myspace profile (apparently she’s in my extended network), and it looks pretty legit—it would have taken a lot of work on the part of a hoaxster to come up with all those friends and create all those comments, at any rate.

Speaking of Top Chef profiles on Myspace, guess what comes up as the first Google result for Harold Dieterle (last season’s Top Chef winner)? The profile’s Google ranking may have something to do with this link from The Modern Age, which comes up fourth in the search results (and which makes a rather good point about the annoyingness of Harold’s declared musical tastes).

Am I the only one who’s simultaneously horrified and fascinated by the sudden intimacy that Myspace’s awful “comment” function creates? If some of the first things people read when they google a chef are his sister’s (I think) text-message-esque personal note (“Give me a RING when u can. Gotta ask u somethin….”) and his cousin’s (again, inferring) wacky photo caption (“Someone said we could be brothers…or did they say lovers…haha none-the-less..ROCKSTARS! HOLLA!!”), doesn’t that take things into uncomfortably unprofessional territory? But then, maybe having millions of people read these messages doesn’t feel weird after you’ve been on a reality show.

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