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It’s getting harder to keep track of all the incredible steals around the holiday season but we’re certainly not complaining. In fact, many of these sales are already underway. Among the multitude of pre-Black Friday bargains are Amazon’s HoliDeals which include hundreds of discounted items. Of course, kitchen essentials are well represented and below we’ve highlighted the best deals of the bunch.

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OXO Chef’s Mandoline, $69.95 (save $30.04)


Slicing fruits and vegetables can be a laborious process, not to mention a hazard to your fingers. But if you want a julienne or waffle cut done quickly and safely a mandoline is a must. This sturdy stainless steel option from OXO is particularly versatile, capable of handling soft, hollow, and layered food with options for multiple cut styles and a wide range of thickness.  Buy Now

Hamilton Beach Automatic Can Opener, $14.99 (save $18)


We’re approaching prime canned food season which makes this the perfect time to invest in an electric opener. With just one touch you’ll be able to infiltrate your can of pumpkin pie filling or cranberry sauce without the mess and frustration that often results from going the manual route. Bonus: This Hamilton Beach model is also equipped with a knife sharpener making it truly a cut above the competition.  Buy Now

Brita UltraMax Filtering Dispenser, $27.99 (save $7)


A step up from the standard Brita pitcher, the UltraMax offers a capacity of up to 18 cups, so you won’t find yourself constantly refilling it. The sleek design ensures it won’t dominate your fridge space and the dispenser’s simple spigot provides easy access to clean, filtered water.  Buy Now

Secura Air Fryer, $50.99 (save $48)


There’s a reason the air fryer has emerged as 2019’s kitchen appliance sensation. If you like your wallet fat and waistline trim consider Secura’s highly rated offering which is now available for nearly half off. Tap into the science of hot air circulation which can crisp up french fries, nuggets, and egg rolls using a small fraction of the oil required for your standard fryer.  Buy Now

NESCO Infrared Turkey Roaster, $75.74 (save $21.36)


Take the hassle out of preparing Thanksgiving’s featured attraction with NESCO’s state-of-the-art roaster. Reserve your oven for the sides and leave the turkey preparation up to this modern marvel which is capable of cooking an 18 lb. bird in only two hours. The roaster can also be used for smaller fowl including chicken and duck so you’ll get plenty of use out of it beyond November. Buy Now

Etekcity Digital Scale with Removable Bowl, $13.49 (save $6.50)


Baking is indeed a science and precision is everything when to comes nailing that loaf of bread or perfect pie. The Etekcity Digital Scale will help ensure precise measurements for your recipe with a capacity of up to 11 lbs. Other features include an easy-to-read LCD display, temperature sensor, and alarm timer. Though the included bowl is a great addition, feel free to use other containers for your weighing needs.Buy Now

Amazon Echo Show 5, $59.99 (save $30)


No surprise that one of Amazon’s very own products has received the holiday discount treatment. The Alexa-enabled Echo Show 5 is a virtual one-stop-shop to control your kitchen’s smart appliances. You can also use it to download recipes, watch chef tutorials, or listen to your favorite cooking playlist.Buy Now

Oster Sangerfield Steamer Set, $18.52 (save $11.47)


With all the feasting to be done in the coming months, you may want to consider devoting a few meals towards healthy eating. Steaming, which doesn’t rely on an overabundance of butter and oil, will certainly help keep the calories down. If you don’t already own a steamer or you’re looking for an upgrade, Oster’s Sangerfield double decker set makes for a great investment. Included are a dutch oven with lid and steamer insert which allows you to steam vegetables and cook rice at the same time. Buy Now

PowerLix MilkPro Handheld Frother, $11.02 (save $3.95)


Step up your barista game with this portable, easy-to-use frother that earns raves. Operating at 19,000 rotations per minute, the MilkPro will not only provide the final creamy touch to your cappuccino, it also works wonders for frappes, milkshakes, and cocktails. Since it’s battery powered, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite frothy beverage wherever you go.  Buy Now

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