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Isn’t it frustrating when you pull out a tray of warm cookies, only to discover that each one is mismatched? Some are too small; others, your high school geometry teacher would hesitate to call, well, circles

But that’s not a problem anymore: Dorie Greenspan, the queen of cookies, saves the day with one easy hack. The famed cookbook author has, after all, written extensively on the subject, including an entire book, aptly called “Dorie’s Cookies,” dedicated to the beloved dessert.

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So it should hardly come as a shock that the baking connoisseur knows a thing or two about how to make the perfect cookie. And her biggest hack for making perfectly symmetrical cookies is thanks to an unassuming tool you’d be hard-pressed not to find in your kitchen: a muffin pan.

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When we visited her for Chowhound’s Open Kitchen shoot, she showed us her trusty tool was a humble 12-well muffin tin—the kind you often employ to make cupcakes or small muffins. Dorie reveals that the easiest way to get her sablés (French butter cookies) to be uniform is to bake each round of dough in a muffin tin. This hack prevents the cookies from spreading, guaranteeing they’ll all remain the same size (and make you look like a pro baker!). Plus, the rounded edges of the convex space provide the cookies with a bit of height, and the sides ultimately get caramelized and turn a wonderful golden-brown color.

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For more baking tips and tricks from Dorie, check out the debut episode of Chowhound’s Open Kitchen video series, where she shares her favorite baking tools and a recipe for French vanilla sablés.

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