Fresh Pie’s pumpkin model has everything you could want, declares Tony L. Atop a superior crust, rich with butter, sits a perfectly textured filling with just enough sweetness and spice. This easy-to-overlook shop also makes terrific apple pie with a raisin-studded filling. On the savory side, there’s a great double-crusted chicken pot pie, loaded with meat in light gravy, filled out with broccoli, peas, carrot, and potato.

The newcomer holds its own against better-known competitors, adds Tony, who ranks it ahead of board favorites Little Pie Co., Kitchenette, and Bubby’s. “The place seems pretty under the radar, but I hope they last,” he adds, looking ahead hungrily to peach, rhubarb, and other summer fillings.

Fresh Pie [Tribeca]
149 Church St., between Chambers and Warren, Manhattan

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