In a disturbing post at the conglomerate food blog Food Blog S’Cool, McAuliflower of the blog Brownie Points details how the web portal Yahoo! stole content from Indian food bloggers (specifically from Surya Gayathri of Kariveppila), reproducing the content on a Yahoo! site without due attribution or permission.

“In particular,” McAuliflower explains, “Yahoo has recently launched an Indian portal that has lifted recipes, word-for-word with no credit and no links to the food blog they came from.” As McAuliflower also points out, Yahoo!’s public apology on March 8 seems to be more buck-passing than anything else.

From the Yahoo! apology:

A Yahoo spokeswoman said the reproduction of the content was inadvertent and blamed the incident on a company it hired to develop content for its Web site, (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Yahoo asked the content provider to remove the recipes when it learned of the incident.

The spokeswoman went on to claim that Webdunia had apologized for the theft, implying that the matter was settled. Um, no. Indira (the food blogger who originally brought the issue to McAuliflower’s attention) points out in the comment section of the Food Blog S’Cool post that as of March 10, Yahoo! had still not apologized to Gayathri.

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