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Right now, and for a limited time only, back-to-school clothes and accessories and gifts for teacher are on sale at Etsy.

Back to school means a much-needed rest for parents and NEW STUFF for kids. But those little ones grow out of their clothes faster than you can say “please don’t eat that glue, Rebecca!” so we’re always glad to see a back-to-school sale especially on one-of-a-kind artisan and craft children’s clothing (and accessories) like you’ll find on Etsy.

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Right now Etsy has a carefully curated sale of adorable back-to-school t-shirts, lunch boxes and bags, and even a few perfect gifts for teacher. The Etsy back-to-school sale will be done long before that first school bell rings, so take a look at our favorite food-themed items on sale at Etsy now and get ready to celebrate another summer survived!

Veggie List Shirt, $24.88 (was $31.10)


Lest your little one forgets what’s really important, when it comes to food, anyways, this helpful shirt with these fan-favorite nutritious garden veggies listed will remind them. All together now!Buy Now

Badger Backpack from MUNIshop, $44 (was $55)


While not technically food-themed we couldn’t help but share this adorable line of animal backpacks from MUNIshop on Esty. It doesn’t just stop at badgers; the backpacks come in unicorn, alligator, and a whole kingdom of other species.Buy Now

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Handmade Ceramic Whale Mugs, $33.60 (was $42)


These whale coffee mugs are handmade and a perfect gift to bring teacher on the first day. She’s going to need a lot of caffeine to make it through this year so she might as well drink it in style.Buy Now

Reusable Lunch Bags, $19.20 (was $24)


If you haven’t switched to reusable lunch bags then it’s high time you do. The planet will certainly thank you. These colorful lunch sacks resemble classic brown paper bags but are made from waxed canvas and come in an entire rainbow of bright colors.Buy Now

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Reusable Penguin Lunch Bag, $16 (was $20)


For the more mature child, this sensible yet chic penguin lunch sack is made from organic cotton canvas and sports a woven rope handle to tote it around.Buy Now

Mini Gardener T-Shirt, $27.99 (was $31)


For those little green thumbs out there. This cotton t-shirt with a darling design is the perfect comfy schoolwear for the pint-sized gardener in your family.Buy Now

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Apple Patch Leggings, $23.20 (was $29)


An apple a day keeps the doctor away but two apple patches on these pink and white striped leggings are just plain adorable. How can you resist?Buy Now

Junk Food Woven Throw Blanket, $63.20 (was $79)

junk food blanket

Frankie Print Co / Etsy

Older kids need cute school stuff too, and while this junk food-printed throw blanket complete with pizza slices and fries might not promote healthy eating, it is the perfect way to warm up a dorm room or keep a high school student cozy.Buy Now

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