Dol Ho is the single greatest dim sum LaserGecko has ever had. Ever.

This is not a place that’s trying to earn your business by luring you inside with, well anything, says LaserGecko. There’s no décor. There’s no service. You have to grab a menu and seat yourself, squeezing into gigantic tables with other eaters. There’s arguing coming from the kitchen. It’s packed with Chinatown locals, who are all gabbing with each other and swapping tables and talking. Service is slow, and if you ask, you’ll be told that the dim sum will come out “when it’s ready.” When it comes out, the diners pounce like a pack of wild dogs. Sometimes, there’s none left for you.

The dim sum is, if you haven’t figured out by now, completely fabulous.

They have the most incredible siu mai. Theyre are giant meatballs filled with crunchy bits of vegetable. They are almost too good to eat, but LaserGecko managed, somehow. And the steamed pork buns… Let’s be straight. LaserGecko is doubtful of steamed pork buns. LaserGecko is doubtful of Chinese barbecued pork. Because LaserGecko is from the South, and most other barbecued pork isn’t really his cup of tea. But, says he, “these damned steamed pork buns were just the best damned things on the planet. The bread was better than ever. Their pork on the inside was nothing but pure, made-with-love goodness.”

And the last surprise? The bill. The dishes are mostly $1.50, the specials are a staggering $2. You can easily feed two people for under $10. LaserGecko felt as if he were stealing from them.

So go, everybody, and be a thief.

(Last note: Dol Ho is temporarily closed from March 7th to April 1st. Vacation or something like that.)

Dol Ho [Chinatown]
808 Pacific Ave., San Francisco
(415) 392-2828

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Dol Ho closed 3/7-4/1

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